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  1. We undertake to use our best efforts to provide the services agreed with our client in a diligent and lawful manner and in accordance with our professional rules. We keep our client regularly informed of progress on the matters that they have assigned to us and we put forward those measures designed to protect its interests.
  2. Unless agreed otherwise, our professional liability is limited to an amount of 1.000.000€ per matter in respect of all the lawyers working on the matter. This amount corresponds to the cover that the Brussels Bar has subscribed as our professional liability insurance.
  3. We remind our client that in accordance with the Law of 12 January 2004 on money-laundering we may be obliged to obtain from him/her certain information based on specified documents with a view to its/her identification at such time as we first enter into a professional relationship with him/her.
  4. Our client is informed of the name of the lawyer(s) who are responsible for his/her file. We reserve the right to sub-contract particular aspects of the matter to external lawyers.
  5. We undertake to inform our client of the various legal solutions open to him/her and to put into effect, with the greatest possible diligence, the particular solution agreed with our client. Unless he/she promptly issues instructions to the contrary, our client is presumed to agree and accept the strategic choices that we recommend, as such appear from our correspondence with the client, in respect of actions and procedures to be undertaken or commenced.
  6. Unless agreed otherwise, our fees are calculated on the basis of the time spent on the matter. The applicable hourly rate is communicated in writing to our client prior to work beginning on their file. Any variation in these rates or in the scale of charges in respect of expenses will only be applied after it has been communicated to our client.
  7. In addition to fees calculated on the basis of hourly rates, we reserve the right to also charge our client a success fee of 10 to 15 % of the amounts at stake, including principal and interest, depending on the nature of the matter and the result obtained.
  8. Expenses incurred in providing our services are charged out to client as a lump-sum percentage of fees, calculated in accordance with the following scale: 
    • Opening, closing and archiving for 5 years of file: 50 € 
    • Correspondence (e-mail, and letters), per page: 10 € 
    • Document typing, per page: 10 € 
    • Photocopies, per page: 0,25 € 
    • Travel by car, per kilometre: 0,50 € 
    • Other expenses: At cost

  9. Irrespective of the expense-charging method chosen and communicated in writing to our client at the beginning of work on their file, all services, court and related costs (writ costs, bailiff expenses, expert, translation costs etc.) are in any event charged out to our client at cost.
  10. The statements of fees, expenses and costs that we send to our client are payable immediately in cash. In the event of late payment, late payment interest and collection costs are due and payable in accordance with the Law of 2 August 2002 on the fight against late payment in commercial transactions.
  11. In general, requests for retainers or intermediate statements are regularly sent to our client. The latter may request us at any time to send him/her an intermediate statement.
  12. The amount that may possibly be obtainable from the other party as a contribution to legal costs is calculated according to Article 1022 of the Judicial Code.
  13. Our obligation to provide service shall in any event cease at the latest at such time as we send our final statement of fees and expenses to our client.
  14. We are free to choose the bailiffs that act on behalf of our client. The choice of other service-providers (notary, chartered auditor, technical advisor etc) is made after consultation with the client.
  15. Unless agreed otherwise, we are responsible for the archiving of files, which includes the keeping of the principal elements in a file for a period of five years as well as the possibility of consulting and making copies of same during the said period. In the absence of any request to the contrary during the said five years the entire file will be destroyed at the end of the said period.
  16. Our relationship with our client is governed by Belgian law and any dispute in respect thereof shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Brussels, without prejudice to the jurisdiction of our bar authorities to which we are subject with respect to our professional rules and disputes as to fees.